A job is more than just work.

It restores dignity and creates hope.

Our vision is to become the answer. When you buy a DECE product, you buy into a culture of hope, where parents can buy food, medication and firewood for their families. Where children can get an education. Where people have the freedom to become who they want to be.
This is why.

DECE is more than just clothing or a World Fair Trade Organization Guaranteed Member, it is a community, it is a model for ending generational poverty. Every product bought empowers people and helps change lives.

Apply to join our 'Friends of DECE'  program and you can receive a 15% discount on all purchases. As part of this pilot program, you will bring hope and create opportunities.

Our hope is that you will give share unique promo code with friends, family, and others and in doing so, grow DECE and its impact.

Share your why. Share DECE.


When an order is made, it creates work. Work becomes the very soil that gives life to vision. Vision for your children and for your family. Many of the poor are strong and able to work, but no-one in their family has ever had a job. Lack of education or lack of proper papers (identity cards) make it impossible to get work. They have become discouraged and lack the hope of finding employment. You can help people by creating work within a community.